KZG and Wishon Golf Club Sets (Irons and Wedges)

We have a wide range of pre and semi-built Wishon Golf Club Sets and KZG Golf Club Sets (including wedges).

These sets have been expertly built by Master Club Fitter Craig Smith. This is a one-off opportunity to obtain a set or a number of these unique clubs that have spine aligned and flowed shafts. Each club is also uniformly swing weighted.

Most of the selection below are one-offs so once sold they won't be replaced. We also have a selection of Drivers, 3 Woods and 5 Woods which have not been listed yet. Please contact us for details.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Won’t replace skill

Very happy with both wedges and I’m much better out of sand with the 56. Can still chunk the 60 degree but that’s just my lack of skill, work in progress. I have to say how impressed I am with PNP’s after sales service. Where do you get someone asking how you are going with the product after a purchase. Super impressed. All the best Paul. Happy customer 👍

Pnp Sand & Lob Wedges

Thanks for your follow up. Both clubs have improved my confidence in going for shots especially close in around the greens.

Rake 60 lob wedge

Found the 60 lob effective in the bunkers and rough lye's compared to my other lob

PRL Putter

It works but you must be exactly in line, stance and body, in unis em . The line up is a little more complicated then with my old Putter, If I had been aware of the SX1 I would have chosen it in preference to the PRL. The Putters are good and will work well if you adhere to the guidelines comes down to preference and looks. Albert Gigl

Hi Albert. Thank you for your feedback. Please let us know how you progress over time. I'm sure you will begin to see a marked improvement. All the best. Sincerely, Paul

SiteLine Putter with BIGEzy™ Counterbalance Grip