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Includes a FREE Fathers Day Golf Glove!

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The Siteline Chipper will help golfers who have difficulty chipping or pitching with a wedge or any high lofted iron, ie Chunking, it has a wide sole plate that deters digging or “chunking” and is designed for shots under 30 Meters using your putter grip. For shots over 30 meters, use your normal grip.


Both our SiteLine Golf Chipper and SiteLine Golf Putter utilise the unique All Square Visual Alignment. Which ensures your eyes are directly over the ball and your putter face is 90° to the target direction – EVERY TIME.

We all have different address positions, putting strokes and chipping actions consequently, setting up perfectly over the ball every time can be extremely difficult.

As a result, PNP Golf has developed an alignment set-up that shows you how to correctly align your putt or chip – EVERY TIME – with the ‘ASVA’ system.

As mentioned, both SiteLine golf clubs are unique, specific purpose, alignment clubs in their own right. There is, however, a distinct advantage in using both SiteLine clubs in tandem as they have the same ASVA, stroke feel and balance. This sequence will then develop into a repeatable muscle memory, confidence boosting procedure.

*The SiteLine chipper conforms to R&A and USGA Rules*

How to use the SiteLine Chipper 

For shots under 30 metres use your putting stroke and grip – this will let the ball come out lower off the club head with more roll out. For shots longer than 30 metres use your normal grip, with hands leading the club head the whole way to impact and beyond for a higher trajectory and more back spin. 

The SiteLine chipper can be used for a full shot. It is, however, designed for shots under 60 metres

The SiteLine chipper’s 340g head is made from 431 Stainless Steel giving it a rebound hardness that will reduce spin on softer hit shots, resulting in the ball rolling out like a putt. 

Where to use the SiteLine Chipper 

The SiteLine chipper is designed to be used from any lie. With its leading edge and wide based sole plate, it will cut through most roughs and glide over the tighter turf while also deterring digging. 

Note: Before using the chipper on the course, a short period of practice to gauge the length and roll-out is advised. 


PNP Golf SiteLine Chipper Specifications








431 S/steel


Full Shaft




¾ Toe hang


Left hand, Right hand


PnP Chipper steel flex


Siteline Mid-size


32″, 32.5″, 33″, 33.5″, 34″, 34.5″ – STD, 35″, 35.5″, 36″

Self Fit Guide

The Siteline Chipper has a standard length of 34.5” which will suit most golfers, but it can also be ordered in ½ inch increments from 32” to 36”.

Refer to the below table for recommended shaft lengths by height.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Trevor Bragg (Sydney, AU)
Dropping shots straight away!

For years I've struggled around the greens. My long game is good but it was the short game that let me down. I've played 2 rounds with the PnP Chipper and have dropped 3 shots off my game. This chipper has stopped the chunks and skims and even when I don't hit it right, the ball is still in play (unlike before). So glad and happy with my purchase. Delivery was on point and there was a nice surprise in the delivery as well. Thanks Paul and the team at PnP. Next step for PnP is to build me a "long putter" to add to my bag.

Gaylene Fielding (Sydney, AU)
Golf chipper

Best club I have ever purchased for those tight lies around the green.

Adeline Lim (Adelaide, AU)
Chipper & Lob Wedge

Very happy with my new Chipper and Lob Wedge. Got out of the bunker first go with the Lob Wedge and and getting to the greens straighter with my Chipper, less shanking. People kept telling me not to expect a magic club but, they work! 😀

Chris Campbell (Melbourne, AU)


Paul Krueger (Brisbane, AU)
Easy chipping

Great to chip with, just takes a little practice ( 10 min ) , chipping in backyard or at the club range, for weigh distance. No problem with direction, spot on all the time, no duffing.
Have used it for 2 comp games, won't leave my bag now,even my partners where asking me , whats that chipper, and where did you get it from.
Used it out of a bunker 70 metres from the green , yep, up and out, and would you believe on the green for a 10 ft putt to par the the hole.
Yes, i made the putt with my PNP , no, this is not a add for PNP, my wife actully brought the putter for Xmas present, i was so impressed i saw pnp had a chipper, and quitely told the golf wife, hey, this looks good, how about birthday present in early Feb . To my great surprise hey presto , you beauty , chipper for birthday. Just luv my golf wife.
And yes , second game at comp , ( Nudgee) with the Black and White Taxi Club , 88 off the stick, handicap 22 , yep net 66 .
Won tbe day and monthly medal.
Some guys have been asking me what has changed in my game lately, did i tell them, no bloody way, sorry PNP, can't giveaway all my secrets .
Signing off , one very happy PNP golfer.

Hello Paul,

Gee what a great review, comprehensive in every respect, yes even included your wife, witty and sincere. Thank-you. It is always really good for us at PNP to receive positive feedback on our clubs. They are totally designed, patented, trade-marked and assembled by us here in Canberra.

Thank you again,

Paul Donaghue

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