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Wishon Micro Groove HM Wedge Club Set | 52 - 60 | Stiff 6.0 Steel | Uncut

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Wishon Micro Groove HM Wedge Club Set | Stiff 6.0 Steel

52 - 60

A Great Wedge Design Made Better… With an All New custom Sole Design


  • The popular HM Series wedges have been re-designed with a unique custom sole grind to increase playability for more types of wedge shots
  • New Zero Bounce heel grind removes the bounce from the heel end of the sole for more consistency when the face is opened to hit finesse and cut shots

  • Front sole Knock Down grind allows golfers to more easily play low, driving, hands forward shots without digging the leading edge into the ground as much
  • Center to rear sole grind offers conventional bounce for normal shots from all lie conditions
  • Beautiful pearl NiCr plated finish over the 8620 carbon steel body offers a soft feel with a long lasting appearance. Available in RH in 52° AW, 56° SW and 60° LW.
  • No. of Clubs Shaft Length Dexterity Grip
    3 Steel - Stiff 6.0 Uncut Right Handed Mid-Size Rubber


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