• Hyundai Tournament of Champions, prepare for your golf season

May 11, 2014

Hyundai Tournament of Champions Full of Winners Knocking the Rust Off Their Golf
Games – What can you do to get ready for the 2014 golf season?

While watching the 30 players at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions this weekend at the Plantation Course in Kapalua it amazes me to see how quickly these guys can knock the rust off their game.

Although not every 2013 Tournament Champion is playing, (Woods, Michelson) 28 of the 30 players in the field are under par and they are making it look easy. Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Webb Simpson are tied for the lead at minus 14 with one round to play. Players are knocking it close, making putts and driving it long but these guys are pros and are supposed to do that. How can you get your golf game in shape quicker this 2014 season?

In my experience getting your game in shape isn’t as easy as they make it look but there are a couple small things you can do in the off season that can make a huge difference when you do get to tee it up. One suggestion is to simply hold a golf club regularly. Holding a club in your hand a few minutes a day here and there will give you more feel for the club this spring. You don’t even have to swing the club, just by holding it you are familiarizing your brain with the weight and feel which will give you more feel when you do return to the links. This is so much better than not touching a club for months.

Another suggestion, close your eyes for 5 minutes a day and play a hole or two in your mind. Many people start the season looking like a deer staring at headlights for the first month or two of the season and are not ready to be on a golf course. If you play some holes in your mind now golfing will not be so foreign to you when you return. For many the season is almost over before they actually remember how to score and play to there skill level again. Don’t wait to play golf, play a couple holes in your mind on a regular basis now and you will be much more comfortable on the course when you are actually there.

One final suggestion to get your game in shape sooner when you do return to the course is to spend a lot of time hitting 20-60 yard chip and pitch shots. Too often golfers spend most or all of their time and effort on the range pounding balls and working on their swing when they get back on the links. If you commit the majority of your time when you first return to your chipping and pitching your long game will improve much quicker. Your chipping and pitching motion is an abbreviated swing already and because it is abbreviated your ball contact is generally better. You will find the center of the club more often when you chip and pitch and that will transfer into your full shots.

What will you do to get golf ready in 2014?
Leave me a message to let me know your thoughts and questions.

Eddie is a Journeyman and golf professional and has been since 1988. He is a qualified golf instructor and has developed training that has seen him introduce over 8000 students to golf. He is passionate about golf and wants to share his 30+ years of experience to help make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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