1-Putt Putting Guide

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Perfect your Putt with the 1-Putt Putting Guide

⛳️ Master the Art of Putting with the 1 Putt Putting Golf Guide - Make Every Putt Inside 10 Feet!

Hey there, fellow golfer! Ever dreamt of wowing your friends with those perfect putts? Look no further than the 1 Putt Putting Golf Guide – your key to developing the ultimate pendulum stroke and sinking those putts like a pro!

Why the 1 Putt Putting Golf Guide?

Perfect Setup, Every Time: Tired of inconsistent setups? This guide's unique, yet simple set-up template ensures you nail the perfect posture, stance, and eye alignment over the ball, setting the stage for your best putts ever.

🎯 Consistently Accurate Pendulum Stroke: Say goodbye to over-extending your backswing and follow-through. The guide is your secret weapon for a consistently accurate pendulum stroke, making those one-putt greens more achievable than ever.

🔍 Anywhere, Anytime: Practice makes perfect, right? The 1 Putt Putting Guide is versatile – designed for use on carpet, grass, or any grainy surface. Set it up on tiles, timber, or even your living room floor for convenient and effective practice sessions.

⚖️ Skill-Boosting Gates: The patented variable putting gates add a whole new level of skill to your putting game. Mathematically calculated for distances of 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet, these gates challenge you to make successful putts under normal golf conditions.

🔄 Pair it with Excellence: Ideal for use with the SX1 Point N Putt Putter, but versatile enough for any putter with a head up to 110 mm (4 3/8") wide. The perfect combination for putting success!

Features of the 1 Putt Putting Golf Guide:

  • Versatile usage on various surfaces
  • Skill-boosting putting gates
  • Perfect for honing your putting skills at different distances
  • Compatible with various putter models, including the SX1 Point N Putt Putter

Ready to leave your friends in awe with your flawless putts? The 1 Putt Putting Golf Guide is your ultimate putting companion. Elevate your game and make those dreams of consistent one-putt greens a reality!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Graham Gallaway

Excellent service and product

Michael Carini (Sydney, AU)
great putting aid

I have trouble with taking the putter head back straight, this will definately improve my putting for sure.

Kevin b.
Putting guide

Very happy with the guide, I’m practicing more which helps my game. But today’s practice was tricky because it was very windy and using the guide was frustrating because the gates IMO are to light and they keep blowing off. Also design wise it would be better to carry the guide if it was flat and opened up and the gate kept everything in place.