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$269.00 AUD

Take Control of Every Putt with All Square Visual Alignment [ASVA]

⛳️ Command Your Putts with Precision - Introducing the SiteLine Golf Putter!

Hey fellow golfers, ever struggled with setting up the perfect putt? Fret not, because the SiteLine Golf Putter is here to revolutionize your game with the innovative All Square Visual Alignment (ASVA) system.

Why Choose the SiteLine Golf Putter?

Tailored for Your Unique Setup: We get it – every golfer has a distinct address position and putting style. The SiteLine Golf Putter embraces those differences and makes setting up over the ball a breeze, even for the pros.

🎯 All Square Visual Alignment Magic: Say goodbye to the guesswork! Our patented ASVA system ensures your eyes are dead-on over the ball, and your putter face is a solid 90° to the target direction – guaranteed precision with every stroke.

🔍 Blade Putter Plus ASVA: The SiteLine is not just any putter; it's a blade putter infused with the power of ASVA. Tailored to complement golfers, especially those wielding blade putters, it's your secret weapon for enhanced alignment and performance.

⚖️ Oversized Comfort: Enjoy the feel of our oversized putting grip that promotes a relaxed stroke. The SiteLine Putter is not just about precision; it's about comfort and confidence in every putt.

Features of the SiteLine Golf Putter:

  • All Square Visual Alignment system for perfect setups
  • Compatibility with various golfer profiles, especially those using blade putters
  • Oversized putting grip for a comfortable and relaxed stroke
  • Conforms to R&A and USGA Rules
  • Designed and assembled with Aussie excellence in Australia

Ready to take command of your putts and elevate your game? The SiteLine Golf Putter is your ticket to precision, comfort, and confidence on the greens. Designed to conform to the highest standards and crafted in Australia – because your game deserves the best.

Our aim is to improve yours. Claim Your SiteLine Putter Now

*The SiteLine Putter conforms to R&A and USGA Rules, and is designed and assembled in Australia*

Your SiteLine Putter Includes: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; Limited Lifetime Warranty; Luxury PnP SiteLine Club Cover


SiteLine Putter Specifications






Face balanced




Left hand, Right hand


32″, 32.5″, 33″, 33.5″, 34″, 34.5″ – STD, 35″, 35.5″, 36″



The BIGEzy™ Counterbalanced Putter Grip

Our aim is to improve yours

⛳️ Revolutionize Your Putting Experience: BIGEzy™ Counter-balanced Grip by PnP Golf

Unveiling the BIGEzy™ Counter-balanced Grip, a game-changer from PnP Golf that redefines comfort and performance on the green!

What Makes BIGEzy™ Stand Out?

🌟 Extended Comfort: This grip takes comfort to the next level, being about 3 inches longer than traditional grips. Its constant width profile with zero tapering ensures a consistent and comfortable feel throughout.

🎯 Personalized Positioning: The BIGEzy™ lets you take control. With its extra length, you can hold the club at various positions along the grip, tailoring it to your unique putting preference while maintaining optimal balance.

🔄 Lightweight Performance: Crafted with lightweight EVA foams, this grip strikes the perfect balance between weight and feel. The larger footprint maximizes sensitivity, providing a responsive touch on every putt.

🤲 Tactile Comfort: The outer layer, made of tacky Polyurethane, offers not just comfort but a secure and enjoyable feel. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to putting bliss.

Features and Benefits:

  • Constant width profile with zero tapering for a consistent feel
  • Lightweight EVA foams for a lighter grip with maximum feel
  • Extra length for personalized club positioning
  • Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for ultimate comfort

The BIGEzy™ Counter-balanced Grip is not just a grip; it's a statement of comfort and performance. Elevate your putting game with the grip designed to make you love every stroke.

Experience BIGEzy™ Comfort now because our aim is to improve yours.


Length: 13.50"
Diameter: 1.10"
Weight: 56g

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets the SX1 and SiteLine Putters apart?

  • Each putter boasts unique alignment features detailed in their brochures. The SX1 is a mallet putter flaunting a clear directional pointer and an aluminum head with interchangeable Stainless Steel weights, offering four potential head weights. The SiteLine, on the other hand, features a smaller mallet head with an upper site and directional pointer, accompanied by the All Square Visual Alignment (ASVA) for precise head positioning over the ball.

2. What is face balancing, and how does it relate to the SiteLine Putter?

  • Face balancing is achieved when the putter, balanced on your index finger, allows its striking face to swing up to parallel. This indicates that the putter is face balanced, aligning the center of gravity directly behind the center of the shaft. With the SiteLine Putter, face balancing is key to keeping your strokes on the intended line.

Got more questions? We've got answers. Elevate your putting game with clarity and confidence!

Our Aim is to improve yours.

Selecting Your Correct Club Length

The Siteline Putter has a standard length of 34.5” which will suit most golfers, but it can also be ordered in ½ inch increments from 32” to 36”.

Refer to the below table for recommended shaft lengths by height. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us and we can advise.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jeanne Klokiw (Brisbane, AU)
PnP putter

Bought putter for my husband for his birthday. He loves it. So happy with the purchase and he says his putting has definitely improved - highly recommended

Chan Tian Low (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

I like the concept as I have used a similar putter many years ago n the putter served me well. But, this one didn’t. I’m putting well with my own current putter and I was hoping this putter will help me improve. Not to be. At least I had a go. Thanks

Paul Setch (Brisbane, AU)
Siteline putter

Thank you pnp for your awesome service. I love the unique design of your siteline putter. It is having me stand closer to the ball and is easier to line up with the chosen line.

John Bucknell (Gold Coast, AU)
P n P Siteline Putter

The putter was purchased for my wife who had a problem with squaring the face of her putter. It has definitely helped with this, however she says the putter head is too lightweight. I have recommended she persevere with it in the hope she will get used to it.
John Bucknell

peter foulds (Melbourne, AU)
Site line putter

Putter is top quality and has improved my putting, highly recommended
Unfortunately the company PnP use for deliveries is extremely poor