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SX1 Point N Putt Golf Putter by PnP Golf

One of the greatest challenges any golfer faces is correctly aligning his or her putter club-head with the hole on the green. It doesn't matter how correctly you've read the grass, how calm your nerves are, or how perfect your grip of the shaft is, if your alignment is off, you've missed the putt.

The SX1 Point N Putt Putter is at heart an alignment golf putter. The visual alignment technology used is a simple One-Step Alignment Process that eliminates alignment flaws common to many golfers. 


The SX1 promotes the very simple method of pointing, rather than the traditional method of squaring the putter. Pointing the putter has also been proven to result in a more accurate putt for most golfers. The SX1 has been designed specifically to assure you're correctly lined up which, in turn, mentally frees you to make a confident putt.

The silver directional pointer is intentionally removed from the striking face to create a stark contrast to the matt black body and the green grass beneath, providing an easy-to-see focal point.

Extreme perimeter weighting of the SX1 provides a high Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) for added forgiveness on off-centre shots.

An optional extra with the SX1 is having it fitted with our new BigEzy Counterbalance Grip. This grip is 3 inches longer than standard and promotes an easy tension-free feel. It has the advantage that a golfer can choose to hold the club at various positions along the grip to suit their own putting preference while maintaining the overall balance of the putter. It also assists the player in performing a successful pendulum stroke.


Your SX1 Putter Includes: Limited Lifetime Warranty; 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; Luxury PnP SX1 Golf Cover; PnP Weights Tool


  • Utilises a One-step Alignment Process
  • Directional Pointer - Easy to see Focal Point
  • Interchangeable Weights
  • Improved Oversized Grip
  • High Moment of Inertia
  • Includes luxury SX1 head cover
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and assembled in Australia

The SX1 comes standard at 34.5” in length and is fitted with a 380g head weight. 2 x 42g weights at the face and 1 x 62g weight at the rear. Additional weights can be purchased to create other weight combinations such as 360g (3 x 42g), 400g (2 x 62g – 1 x 42g) and 420g (3 x 62g).

This is an extreme perimeter-weighted mallet putter with a high MOI, customisable weight options and visual alignment technology, has proven in SAM PuttLabs to improve putting alignment in a majority of golfers during testing (see Putter Tests below).

Its innovative design simplifies putting alignment, thus improving putting accuracy.

Your SX1 Putter Includes: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; Luxury PnP SX1 Golf Cover; PnP Weights Tool


*The SX1 Point N Putt Putter conforms to R&A and USGA Rules*


To confirm that the Point N Putt putter improves putting alignment, we engaged technicians at SAM PuttLabs, the world’s leading putt analysis and training system to design and implement an independent study to test it the Point N Putt Putter could improve a golfer’s alignment.

In late 2012 and early 2013, three separate tests were fielded in the USA, Australia and Sweden. In each test, 33 golfers were invited to participate and asked to bring their own putter for comparison. Participants were asked to make 5 putts with each putter on the SAM PuttLab test greens. While the participants were allowed to make a few practice putts with both their putter and the Point N Putt putter, they were not given instruction or much time to get accustomed to the new putter.


53% had better alignment with the Point N Putt putter than with their own putter.

Of those that improved, their average improvement was 16.5%.

Some participants improved by 50% and another as much as 62%.

In addition, consistency also improved.

Given the lack of experience with the new putter this shows how easy it is to use the Point N Putt putter and create a consistent putting routine.

Armed with these overwhelmingly positive results, we knew Point N Putt putters would be able to help golfers take many strokes off their score.

Introducing the BIGEzy™ Counter-balanced Grip, by PnP Golf

The PnP Golf BIGEzy™ counterbalanced putter grip is about 3 inches longer than a traditional grip, and has a constant width measurement profile with zero tapering.

This grip promotes an easy tension-free feel and has the advantage that a golfer can choose to hold the club at various positions along the grip to suit their own putting preference while maintaining the overall balance of the putter.

The BIGEzy combines comfort with outstanding performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Constant width measurement profile with zero tapering.
  • Lightweight EVA foams allows for a lighter weight grip in a larger footprint to maximize feel.
  • Extra length provides golfer choice to hold his club at different position to suit personal putting preference.
  • Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for a great comfortable feel.


Length: 13.50"
Diameter: 1.10"
Weight: 56g


Why the Point N Putt Putter’s innovative design is the best alignment putter in golf:   The easy One-step Putting Process.

Physics proves that correctly lining up a putt is the key to accuracy. With most putters, this is a two step process. First, the golf ball is aligned with the center of the putting face and second, the putter’s striking face is squared 90° to the putting direction. If the angle is more or less than 90°, the putt will miss the intended line.

The Point N Putt patented visual alignment system is a one step process – point the Directional Pointer to your intended line.  This simple method of “pointing” is easier and more accurate than “squaring” for most golfers.  It assures you are lined up to the hole and mentally frees you up to make a confident putting stroke.  The Directional Pointer is intentionally separated from the putter face making it easier to focus on the silver pointer without the distraction of aligning the face. The primary focus should be on the Directional Pointer- as if you were putting with it alone. This deletes the visual inaccuracy of ‘squaring’ the club face manually and automatically squares the face 90° resulting in the golf ball starting on line with pin-point accuracy.

Simple Golf Putting Alignment begins with an easy-to-see focal point

Putting Alignment is simple with the Point N Putt putter’s Directional Pointer. The silver pointer is in stark contrast to the matt black body and the green grass beneath, providing an easy-to-see focal point.

Aiming your Putter easily

Aiming your putter is easy with the Point N Putt putter. By simply pointing the Directional Pointer on the intended line, you have correctly aligned the putt. It’s so easy you will wonder why this has never been done before! No need to worry about squaring the putter face, this happens automatically by design. Your game will also benefit as pointing is more accurate than squaring.

*Requests for custom lengths can be accommodated, please contact us at

Standard Putter


380g (customisable to 360g, 400g and 420g with extra weights)






Face balanced


Left hand, Right hand


32″, 32.5″, 33″, 33.5″, 34″, 34.5″ – STD, 35″, 35.5″, 36″


Option 1: Standard Putter Grip (Oversize) - Black/Orange

Option 2: BIGEzy™ Counterbalanced Putter Grip (Oversize)

Self Fit

The Point N Putt Putter has a standard length of 34.5” which will suit most golfers, but it can also be ordered in ½ inch increments from 32” to 36”.

Refer to the below table for recommended shaft lengths by height.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Arn Tolsma (Melbourne, AU)
Need more time

I am putting more accurately, but continue to leave the ball short of the hole. It is taking me some time to adjust to the weight of the SX1, which is much heavier than my old blade.

Kris Rossiter (Gold Coast, AU)
Point N Putt

So far very happy with am starting to sink the one putts, taking a little while to get use to it, but have a lot more confidence in the putt and feels good while handling especially the weight very balanced.

Karl Haussegger (Melbourne, AU)

I have used it 3 times it is certainly more accurate than the last one it is well weighted so far working well I will be playing 3 days of golf this coming weekend hopefully sinking single putts

Keith Wilson (Sydney, AU)
Easier alignment

Updated my putter to the SX1 Point N Putt putter to improve my putting averages. The alignment system does help with lining up the putt but as always there are no quick fixes in golf. Need to spend more time on the practice green to hone the alignment and stroke speed skills but the SX1 will hopefully assist in holing more putts.

Robert Wong (Sydney, AU)

SX1 Point N Putt Putter with Standard Grip

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