KZG and Wishon Golf Club Sets (Irons and Wedges)

We have a wide range of pre and semi-built Wishon Golf Club Sets and KZG Golf Club Sets (including wedges).

These sets have been expertly built by Master Club Fitter Craig Smith. This is a one-off opportunity to obtain a set or a number of these unique clubs that have spine aligned and flowed shafts. Each club is also uniformly swing weighted.

Most of the selection below are one-offs so once sold they won't be replaced. We also have a selection of Drivers, 3 Woods and 5 Woods which have not been listed yet. Please contact us for details.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Pump putter team in a bit or

Great putter easy to line up

SX1 Putter

A month ago I took delivery of the SX1 putter with the BigEzy grip.Whilst I can't say I have set the world on fire with my putting,I will say that the putter has boosted my confidence enormously on the short to medium length putts I have always had problems with.It's still early days but I am persevering with the SX1
and am confident it will truly help me to improve my game.
PS:my current daily handicap is 12 hopefully heading to single figures.

5 Stars!

Love the putter and also greatly appreciate the after sales service I got from one email request. I like a heavy putter for our slowish greens and can adjust with weights for faster greens also. The fat grip is nice in the palms and the SX1 just looks awesome, which inspires confidence.


Very happy with it. If I miss hit a putt a little the results aren't as bad.

4 star

I've only had one game with it but was in two bunkers got out of one but not the other ,will have to use it more to get a opinion